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ServiceNow Software Quality Engineer 2024 | Salary Up to ₹15 LPA

ServiceNow Software Quality Engineer 2024: At ServiceNow, our people enable the world to function for everyone, and our technology makes it so. We innovate in ways no one else can for our consumers and communities, and we move quickly because the world cannot wait. You become a member of an ambitious group of change agents with a restless curiosity and a hunger for creativity by joining ServiceNow. We make every effort to enable you to live your best life and share your special abilities since we know that’s when you produce your finest work. Together, we have lofty aspirations and encourage one another to pursue our individual and group goals. We own the future, and it all begins with you.

About ServiceNow:

Though you are really thrilled about the employment, are you unsure if you satisfy all the requirements listed in the job description? You are still welcome to apply! Our goal at ServiceNow is to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone’s opinions are appreciated, valued, and heard. All applicants are welcome, even those with unconventional or diverse backgrounds who may not have followed the usual route leading to this position. We think that applicants with a strong drive to dream big and transferable skills and expertise make excellent hires.

ServiceNow Software Quality Engineer 2024

Post Name

Post Name


Any Bachelor’s Degree


Any Branches


2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024


Up to ₹15 LPA

Up to ₹15 LPA


Job Location


Last Date



Required Qualification:

  • Any Graduate Can Apply This Job

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain existing automation test frameworks .Collect and report quality metrics from test execution

  • Work with developers to design specific testing strategies for features being developed and automate them

  • Create comprehensive test plans; execute and automate them

  • Support engineering organizations in troubleshooting or addressing issues with applications and dev/test environments


Comparable to SPE

  • Complete coding tasks on the given project on schedule and effectively.

  • Export coded medical terms from the coding platform and import uncoded terms into the database.

  • Management of Queries.

  • Make a “New Term Request” and rank it.

  • As needed, carry out the dictionary up versioning task.


  • 0+ years of experience with technologies relevant to SN and coding abilities with high-quality outputs.

  • familiarity with several automated testing frameworks, such as Selenium, TestNG, Java, JUnit, and other open-source projects.

  • knowledge of the agile technique for teams working on software development.

  • The capacity to comprehend various testing methods (such as automated, unit, performance, and integration testing), as well as their advantages and disadvantages, and to make the greatest use of them by keeping

  • track of and resolving any problems that are found.

  • The ability to employ tools to help with daily chores, such as system administration/Unix tools, profilers, IDE, debugger, build tools, source control, ServiceNow instances, and profilers



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