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Gen AI Hackathon | APAC edition


Imagine unleashing the combined power of Google Cloud's GenAI tools and your own ingenuity!

The GenAI Hackathon APAC Edition is your chance to revolutionise AI solutions for your region. Dive into real-world challenges across industries like Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail & eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, and Innovation. Build cutting-edge applications with tools like Vertex AI, Duet AI, GenAI app builder, Model Garden, and more. Let your imagination soar as you reshape industries, enhance experiences, and solve critical problems with the power of AI.


  • Fuel your innovation

  • Join a vibrant community

  • Win big

  • Level up your skills

  • Pitch your vision

google hackathon
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Hackathon Journey

Phase 1
Registration & Idea Submission
  • Spark your imagination: Explore the challenge themes across Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, etc.

  • Form your team: Gather your fellow innovators and strategise your approach.

  • Craft your proposal: Submit a compelling vision for your AI solution, highlighting its impact and feasibility.

Phase 2
Prototype Development & Mentorship
  • Dive into code: Bring your idea to life using Google Cloud's GenAI tools like Vertex AI, Duet AI, etc.

  • Refine your solution: Receive expert mentorship from seasoned practitioners and GenAI specialists to shape your prototype into a polished product.

  • Network and collaborate: Share your progress, exchange ideas, and build connections with fellow participants.

Phase 3
Finale Pitch
  • Pitch to the Jury: Present your groundbreaking solution to a renowned jury and a vibrant audience.

  • Join the AI revolution: Showcase how your AI creation tackles real-world challenges and makes a difference.

  • Win big: Compete for exciting prizes and recognition to propel your project forward.

Bonus Stage
Google I/O Connect 2024

The winning team has the opportunity to pitch their AI solutions at Google I/O Connect 2024, reaching a global audience and potential investors.

Gain invaluable exposure and connect with industry leaders, securing the resources and support to take your project to the next level.

Who can Participate?

Working Professionals

Bring your industry expertise and fresh perspectives to bear on real-world problems within your field.


Take your groundbreaking AI ideas to the next level with expert guidance and mentorship.


Put your coding skills to the test and showcase your talent on a global stage.


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