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AI Code Reviewer | Python Project

The AI Code Reviewer is a Python script that analyzes and provides feedback on programming code. It utilizes a combination of rule-based checks and code style analysis to detect common coding errors, suggest improvements, and evaluate the overall code quality. Additionally, it performs comment analysis to identify areas where code comments may need improvement.


  • Indentation Error Detection: The code reviewer checks for indentation errors in loops, conditionals, and functions.

  • Undefined Variable Detection: It identifies variables that are used but not defined within the code.

  • Code Style Checking: The script uses the `pycodestyle` library to check for code style violations and provides feedback on code formatting.

  • Comment Analysis: The script examines code comments and suggests improvements for better readability and clarity.

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Before running the script, make sure you have Python installed on your system. Also, ensure you have the pycodestyle library installed by running the following command:

pip install pycodestyle

Project code:

create a python file with name: , and copy paste the following code:

import ast
import pycodestyle

class CodeReviewer:
    def __init__(self): = []

    def analyze_python_code(self, code):
            # Parse the Python code into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
            tree = ast.parse(code)
        except SyntaxError as e:
  "Syntax Error: {e}")

        # Check for indentation errors and undefined variables

        # Check code style using pycodestyle

        # Check code comments

    def _check_indentation(self, tree):
        for node in ast.walk(tree):
            if isinstance(node, ast.FunctionDef):
                if node.body and not isinstance(node.body[0], ast.Expr):
                        f"Function '{}' should have a docstring or 'pass' statement.")
            elif isinstance(node, (ast.For, ast.While, ast.If, ast.With)):
                if not isinstance(node.body[0], ast.Expr):
                        f"Indentation Error: Missing 'pass' statement for '{ast.dump(node)}'.")

    def _check_undefined_vars(self, tree):
        undefined_vars = set()
        for node in ast.walk(tree):
            if isinstance(node, ast.Name) and isinstance(node.ctx, ast.Store):
            elif isinstance(node, ast.Name) and isinstance(node.ctx, ast.Load):

        for var in undefined_vars:
  "Variable '{var}' is used but not defined.")

    def _check_code_style(self, code):
        style_guide = pycodestyle.StyleGuide()
        result = style_guide.check_code(code)
        if result.total_errors:
                "Code style issues found. Please check and fix them.")

    def _check_comments(self, code):
        lines = code.split('\n')
        for i, line in enumerate(lines):
            if line.strip().startswith('#'):
                # Check for empty comments or comments without space after '#'
                if len(line.strip()) == 1 or line.strip()[1] != ' ':
                        f"Improve comment style in line {i + 1}: '{line.strip()}'")

    def get_feedback(self):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Example Python code to analyze
    python_code = """
    def add(a, b):
        result = a + b

    code_reviewer = CodeReviewer()

    feedback = code_reviewer.get_feedback()

    if feedback:
        print("Code Review Feedback:")
        for msg in feedback:
            print(f"- {msg}")
        print("No coding errors found. Code looks good!")


  • Clone the repository or download the "" script.

  • Run the script, and it will analyze the Python code provided within the script.

  • The AI Code Reviewer will output feedback on any coding errors, style issues, or comment suggestions.


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